About Krystal Rain

Who? Hello Shining Stars! I'm Krystal Rain a Touch Practitioner and founder of Authentic Healing Touch (AHT). I'm a mother of 3 young men and 3 Yorkies. Born and raised in Detroit, but currently residing in Ypsilanti, MI.

My certifications include Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Cuddlist.

I've completed training in professional listening and professional hugging.  Professional experience with consent, and intimacy workshop production and facilitation. Currently a student at Irene's Myomassology Institute.

What? What is Authentic Healing Touch? The name was chosen based on the premise that touch is the most authentic form of healing and that we are all healers. Currently (AHT) offers; Intuitive Crystal Amplified Energy Sessions, workshops and workshop facilitation.  More services coming soon.

Why? I feel very passionate about and called to do this type of work. The effects that energy work, crystals, touch, sound, smell, sight and thought have on people, places, times and things is absolutely fascinating to me. I was diagnosed with Lupus over 17 years ago and have been prescribed chemotherapy and uncountable amounts of drugs over that time period. I have experienced countless complications some life threaten. The most serious was February 16th 2011. Being that close to death changed my life. I was done with being sick, I decided then I was going to cure myself. This journey not only lead me to physical healing but I also found emotional and mental healing from past traumas. I have tried so many things, somethings improved my condition, some did nothing at all and some made matters worse. The most effective thing I did was believe that I would get better, and I have. I have not had any major complications since I vowed; I will not let Lupus control my life anymore. I'm the healthiest I've been since diagnosed and strive to live more abundantly everyday. During this journey I stumbled upon a organization who's workshops created a safe place for me to embrace comfortability with myself, my body, with others and with touch. I was immersed in a sea of energyworkers, bodyworkers and therapist of all kinds. Real life people actually doing what I had only read, and dream about doing. I knew then my dreams could become reality. The more I learn, the more I fall in love. Opportunity continues to knock and I continue to say Yes, no matter how scary it may seem. This is only the beginning.  I know there are people that don't take what I do seriously, and that's ok. I take myself, what I do, and my clients very seriously.  The Shining Stars that can benefit from my services will find me.

Where                      2 Locations

Evenstar's Chalice

36 N. Huron St.

Ypsilanti, MI 48198

walk-ins accepted

Authentic Healing Touch / Shave Kave

50 Huron St. 

Ypsilanti, MI 48198

By appointment only 

What's Next? I plan to continue my education and provide various types of energy work, Reflexology,  Licensed Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Emotional Release Therapy, Healing/Therapeutic Touch, Cuddle Parties, Wellness workshops,  consent workshops for teenagers and intimacy sessions and workshops for couples. I also plan to acquire my own store front, then land parcel, where I and other teachers, energy and bodyworkers can work independently as a collective. You can support AHT by becoming a sponsor.

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