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Self-love and self-care are a journey.
Take another step forward and visit Authentic Healing Touch.

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We're more than just a massage

Authentic Healing Touch is a black and women owned business in Ann Arbor, MI that specializes in highly individualized healing practices and products such as various types of massage therapy, reiki energy healing, quality organic handmade skincare, oils, and more.

Close-up of a woman receiving massage treatment


Monthly subscriptions and package deals you can share with your family and friends.

Man receiving massage treatment


18 and under and  75 and older $65

 EMU students and staff 15%off

ID REQUIRED for above discounts

Tuesdays 15% off select services


“This was an extremely positive experience. Krystal took the time to really make sure every aspect of the massage was comfortable. She also went above and beyond in helping understand the things that could be contributing to stress and tension in my muscles.”

Askari Report 

“I highly recommend if you’re looking to get Reiki done. The environment was full of calming and healing energy. Krystal is also very educated and offers others products like aromatherapy and body butters. Support a small business and try her out!”

— Kailey Jones



The name says it all. This massage will melt tight muscles and the stress of the world away. Just lay and relax!


This massage will help relieve pain, release extremely tight muscles, improve range of motion and flexibility. Client works with therapist by doing requested movements. Deep pressure maybe used but this is NOT a deep tissue massage.

Lymphatic Drainage

This massage will aid the natural drainage of your lymphatic system. This system circulates lymph fluid around the body to drain tissue of toxins and excess fluid. Some benefits of massage include more energy, improved immune function, reduced swelling, and healthier skin.

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In these sessions intuition, crystals, and energy work are used to create a custom session based on the individual client’s needs. The session is administered by laying hands and crystals on or near the client. The purpose is for relaxation, stress relief and to clear any blocked energy. Energy work is also great for clients that can’t receive massage. Click here for more info on reiki.

Listening Ear

This is a safe place for you to let it all out. Maybe help you talk some things through. Anger, joy, pain, grief, excitement are all welcome here. No judgement, no advice, just a listening ear.

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