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Person on a massage table receiving treatment
Woman performing a massage using a synergy stone


The name says it all. This massage will relieve minor aches and pains, melt tight muscles and the stress of the world away. Just lay and relax!


Includes hot towels and hot rocks.


60 minutes $75

*1X a month $65

*2X a month $60


90 minutes $135

*1X a month $120

*2X a month $115

BUY SIX $110

2 hours $190

Close-up of a person receiving a massage


This massage will help relieve pain, release extremely tight muscles, improve range of motion and flexibility. Client works with therapist by doing requested movements.

Deep pressure maybe used but this is NOT a deep tissue massage.

 Includes hot towels and hot rocks.

60 minutes $90

*1X a month $80

*2X a month $75


90 minutes $155

*1X a month $140

*2X a month $135

BUY SIX $130

2 hours $240

Person performing massage therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

This massage will aid the natural drainage of your lymphatic system. This system circulates lymph fluid around the body to drain tissue of toxins and excess fluid. Some benefits of massage include more energy, improved immune function, reduced swelling, and healthier skin.

Includes hot towels and hot rocks.

90 minutes $135

*1X a month $120

*2X a month $115

BUY SIX $110

One woman listening to another woman talk in front of a glass table

Listening Ear

This is a safe place for you to let it all out. Maybe help you talk some things through with active listening. Anger, joy, pain, grief, excitement are all welcome here. No judgement, no advice,
just a listening ear.

60 minutes $55
*1X a month $50
90 minutes $75
*1X a month $60

Close-up of burning aromatherapy sticks with a candle and plant in the background


In these sessions intuition, crystals, and energy work are used to create a custom session based on the individual client’s needs. The session is administered by laying hands and crystals on or near the client. The purpose is for relaxation, stress relief and to clear any blocked energy. Energy work is also great for clients that can’t receive massage. Click here for more info on reiki

30 minutes $30

60 minutes $60

*1X a month $50




Add more to your session at checkout.

  • Reiki

  • Foot scrub and massage

  • Hand scrub and massage

  • Scalp Face Neck massage

  • Hip Gluteal massage

  • Cupping coming soon

  • Products coming soon

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Info on Reiki (energy-work) Crystal and Chakras

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Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that aids in stress reduction, relaxation and also promotes healing.

Rei = spiritual wisdom

Ki = life energy.

The Practitioner serves as a bridge, as energy flows through them to the recipient. Reiki can be administered by laying hands on, near, or through visualization (distance reiki).


Crystals are powerful rock formations that have many functions. There are many different kinds and they have different properties that make them unique. Crystals absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, unblock and clear energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle vibrations within one's body or environment. Crystals and reiki used together make for an intensive healing session; since they amplify each other’s effects.

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies where energy flows. These energy centers can be blocked and cause dis-ease within the body and mind. Crystals and Reiki are used in the sessions to aid in measuring, clearing blockages and energizing each chakra individually. 


We are open to trade! Fill out contact form to inquire. Don't book unless an agreement has been made! Your appointment will be canceled!


Authentic Healing Touch makes no claim to cure any conditions, session experience is unique to the individual.

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