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Enchant-It Invite Grounding Oil product display

Invite Grounding

This protective blend with assist in staying rooted.

Enchant-It oils are reiki and crystal infused with at least 1 crystal in each bottle. These oils have several uses. Place in diffuser or oil warmer. Use in ceremonies, rituals, anointing, spiritual bath. Use on charms, rooms, people, and more.

Shake well before use.

Keep in a cool dark place to preserve oil.

Don't over tighten child-proof top.

  • Ingredients

    *grapeseed oil, essential oils: atlas cedarwood, cypress, frankincense frereana, *myrrh and (non photosensitizing) *steam distilled lime

    *non organic

  • Crystal

    Obsidian for protection from unwanted energies. Draws out stress and stimulates growth. Connection to root and earth star chakras.

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